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A TV and a beer walk into a theater…

I’m a bit of a TV junkie… I think the last decade or so has been a current day Golden Age of television. The Sopranos and The West Wing started a revolution in brilliant, character-driven programming that took the 90’s dramas like ER to another level.  The success of HBO has spawned other premium channels to branch out into some very sharp original programming that has bled over into some cable channels.

TV critic extraordinaire Bill Frost from City Weekly started arranging some of these shows to be played at a local brew pub / movie theater called Brewvies for free.  Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy, Justified, The Walking Dead, and Mad Men have all taken turns being played on the big screen.

It’s a fantastic experience.  The theater brings an element of camaraderie that enhances the shows well beyond a typical living room viewing.  There were a number of moments it felt like the the air was sucked out of the room during the most recent season of Breaking Bad.

The funnier moments stand out more as well.  Laughter seems to be contagious. There have been scenes where I might not have cracked a smile at home but I was laughing out loud in the theater.

I would have loved to have watched Lost at a venue like this.

Add to the great TV some good craft beer and great food and you have quite the evening.  I can’t recommend going to something like this enough.