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Monday night I had the privilege of joining Lexi for the Dallas Mavericks / Utah Jazz game.

Lexi landed seats in fourth row in the same section I usually sit in.

The Jazz and Mavs went to triple overtime in a game with playoff implications

You can see me and a very short person with dark hair (Lexi) through most of the game.

The seats were great.  The game was even better.

Vince Carter had a crazy dunk and coming out of a timeout, the guy behind me yelled “Vince, you can still jump!” To which he replied “Yeah, but it hurt.” (Vinsanity is getting old.)

Then Delonte West decided to stick his finger in Gordon Hayward’s ear for no apparent reason.


The Jazz built a lead but gave it up in the final minutes of the 4th.  The game went back and forth with great heroics on both sides and an epic game by both Al Jefferson (28 and 26) for the Jazz and Dirk Nowitzki (40 pts, 9 boards, 6 assists.)

I don’t know if I’ll be able to enjoy a game as much without sitting close.  Thanks to Lexi for getting us great seats!