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Fun. Live

I had the pleasure of seeing Fun. live at In The Venue at the end of the month.

Duong and Grundy turned me onto them a while ago.  I love their first album, Aim and Ignite, and really enjoyed their second album, Some Nights, that just came out about 2 months ago.  Fun. has a very unique sound.  They sound like Jack’s Mannequin piano rock with Queen’s vocals and a touch of some of the Beatles creativity.

Some Nights is a little more experimental than Aim and Ignite.  One of the main producers had a hip-hop background and the influence shows.

The lead singer Nate Ruess is one of the best male voices in music.  I was pumped to see them in concert after hearing about how high-energy their shows are from Grundy and Duong.

They did not disappoint.  They played a lot of their second album and still hit nearly all of the popular tracks from their first album.  Nate was running all over the stage belting out their hits to a sold out house.  The crowd was into it and was jumping all over the place singing along to everything.  It was a great to be a part of it.


If you haven’t listened to their music and like indie pop rock, check out both of their albums.

And if Fun. is coming near you, go see their show.  Fantastic music.