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kickball teamSalt Lake has a social sports club that features leagues for flag football, dodgeball, bocce ball, and more.  I’m playing on Lexi’s kickball team and it’s been a ton of fun.

Our first game was Thursday night.

We play behind a middle school a few blocks away from the station.  Our team was a few people short and we only had 8 to play in the field.

The other team had 10 that could play in the field (you can have four outfielders.)

It was surprising how few people (on both teams) knew the basic rules of baseball.  I turned two inning-ending double plays solo while playing right-center/in-field.

Twice, I caught a ball in the air as I watched a runner run by.  I caught the ball and walked over to the base they came from and ended the inning to the confusion of nearly everyone.

We had a lead going into the last inning but lost in the bottom of 6th 13-12.  We gave up about 7 home runs because our outfield couldn’t stay in the front of the ball which was probably a result of playing so short.  We are currently 7th out of 10 but I think our team should some good promise.

No matter what, it’s going to be a fun few weeks.