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One of Lexi‘s good friends was getting married and she invited me to go to the wedding.  I accepted and we were off to Portland!

We flew in Friday afternoon and took the train downtown to our hotel.  We met up with all of the out-of-town guests at a cocktail party in the hotel bar later that night.  We heard all about the famous Voodoo Doughnuts shop and made plans with some people to hit it up.  The shop was on Man vs. Food and is infamous in Portland.

After brunch on Saturday we made a trip there.  You could smell the shop two blocks down the street.  The line was well out the door about 20 deep.  The brick building was covered in glitter which added to the character.

Outside of Voodoo Doughnuts

Once you get in the shop, you walk up to one of the four registers and make your selections from a rotating display. Most of their doughnuts had breakfast or candy toppings.  There were Fruit Loops, M&M’s, Oreos, you name it.

There was even a bacon doughnut.  We couldn’t stomach that one and didn’t want it to stink up the other treats.  There was a coffin of doughnuts you could buy for $100.  We split an assortment (no coffin, sorry) with the group we went with.  They were very good and the shop is a must see if you are in Portland.

We got back to the hotel, changed, and went to the wedding which was very nice.  There was a shuttle bus that was taking up back and forth from the different wedding events.  We were in the middle lane of a one-way three lane road and the driver went to make a left.  She didn’t notice the car coming and clipped it.  She turned white, got out of the bus, and just talked on the phone.  We were about 12 blocks away and just walked back to the hotel. (Lexi and her heels didn’t like this part.)

The reception was at a converted warehouse that is now a private club.  It was a huge open room and was a pretty cool venue.  John Stockton, Utah Jazz great, was there as a guest which was fun to see.  He started working the dance floor like it was the Linebacker which I greatly appreciated.

The couple that got married are not originally from Portland and wanted people to get a taste of life there.  One of the big things in Portland is the giant food cart industry.  They rented one of the higher end trucks and gave out food around 10pm which was a nice touch.

Sunday we had a few hours to kill so we met up with Catty and Matt for brunch and some wandering around Portland.  We went up to the International Rose Test Garden.

Cat Frey and Matt Morrison

Sadly, the roses weren’t in bloom but it was still great being able to hand out in the park and catch up with Cat and Matt.  After that, we were on our way back to the airport and a return flight to SLC.

Not a bad way to spend a weekend.