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Review: Jericho

I finished watching the last season of the short lived CBS drama Jericho last week.

The show takes place in Jericho, Kansas – a city about two hundred miles outside of Denver.  A nuclear blast is seen expanding over Denver and the town is kept in the dark about just what is happening.

From that point on, the rest of the show deals with the fallout (both the radiation and the societal/political kind) from an apparent nuclear attack on American soil.

I watched this because the I’ve heard it was similar to Lost and Heroes as far as a fun series mythology goes.  The best way I can describe it is a mix between 24 and The X-Files.  I enjoyed the show but would have liked a little more closure.

The show was canceled after the first season and was brought back for a brief sophomore run before being ultimately canned for good.  A third season was covered in a comic book that I read a summary about but still didn’t get the end game I was looking for.

As for the show itself, plot points were rushed because of the short second season.  The pacing was clearly not as good as season one and I have a feeling if the show runners have a full run, season two would have been much better.

I give the show a B.  The second season ends with some of the plot arcs tied up but I think you’ll be left wanting more like I was.

It’s worth adding to the “watch eventually” list if you like conspiracy stories with 24-style action scenes.