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Review: The Avengers

I caught a preview for The Avengers last night.  The movie is the combination of the Iron Man, Incredible Hulk, Thor, and Captain America characters into one big movie.

The beginning of the movie sets up the threat and brings the crew together.  There are funny quips and big fight scenes with a pretty epic final act.

The 3D was well done and the pace moved along quickly for a 2 hour 20+ minute movie.

The movie reminded me of the first Iron Man.  It has the same humor and heart.  There are some great lines and some very funny moments.

There were a few plot holes but the movie was moving along to fast you barely had time to think about it. (Just how did Thor get to Earth after the magic transporter thing was destroyed at the end of his movie?)

The highlight of the movie turns out to be the Hulk.  He steals the show a few times with some very funny, unexpected actions.

Hulk in Avengers 2012

I was surprised how much I liked his character because I think The Incredible Hulk was my least favorite of the Marvel movies.

The ending was great and leaves a lot open for future movies.  There is also an Easter Egg at the very end that is pretty funny.

I give The Avengers an A- and recommend you catch it in theaters.  I might go back to see it again because I missed a lot of the lines because of people cheering.