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Return to South Bend

I had the pleasure of taking a quick visit back to South Bend to see friends, family and football.

I try to head back for a game every year and I had the BYU game circled since it was announced a few years ago.

After buying a ton of supplies Friday night, we were off for campus bright and early Saturday morning.

Dave locked down a great tailgating spot and the weather cleared up to what turned out to be a great fall day at Notre Dame.

Anna and I watched the game together.  She went to BYU and is now a reporter for a station in Champaign.  One of her friends from her previous station in Wisconsin is a huge Notre Dame fan and her high school’s mascot was the Irish so I was hoping she was going to be cheering for “the good guys.”

Deep down inside, I think she was.

Thankfully, the Irish were able to take care of business and down the BYU Cougars for me.

We had great seats- thanks Mom and Dad

Notre Dame Stadium for 2012 BYU Game

After the game and a quick dinner at Legends, we headed back to WNDU to catch up with the former co-workers.

From there, we were off to the Linebacker to catch up with Bemer and Emily.

David and Emily Bemenderfer with Katie Davis at the Linebacker

It was a great weekend and it was a ton of fun catching up with everyone.  Thank you to everyone who made the trip up from Indy / Champaign and to Grundy for organizing a great tailgate.  Thanks to the parents for the tickets and everyone else for driving me around since I was car-less.

Until next season!