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The Side Project

GoStuffed.com Taxidermy Database WebsiteI’ve been busy for quite a while on a little side project and it’s just about to come to fruition shortly.

About a year and a half ago I heard from my friend Chad who wanted to bounce around some web ideas.

We kicked around one main idea but we kept coming back to a side idea that really seemed to have something to it.  Chad is a hunter and is close with a taxidermist who was talking about how hard it was to find other taxidermists and be able to find and trade mounts and hides.

We did some looking around and there didn’t seem to be a good database for taxidermists anywhere.  The few sites we found had maybe a dozen or two listings that were pretty plain and didn’t have a lot of functionality to it.  We thought there needed to be a bigger taxidermy list out there and saw an interesting opportunity to help an industry.

Chad found investors and our website project was off and running.

The site itself is very similar to a website I launched in South Bend.  That website was a station directory that listed a number of different types of businesses.  Since this is single industry, we were able to really zero in on what would work the best for taxidermists around the country.  I was already familiar with the development process and some of the things that needed to be done, so we were able to turn around the project pretty quickly.

For the last year, Chad and I have been meeting, emailing, working with developers, and setting up a sales system. We finally have a fully functional website plus a sales team in place to find potential clients.

I’m proud to announce that taxidermy database GoStuffed.com is scheduled to officially launch in the next few weeks!

Our soft launch has gone pretty well with some pretty solid natural SEO results.  The taxidermist that started the ball rolling actually sold a few mounts before we spent a single penny on SEM.  It has us fired up and really excited for what the future holds.

I’ll keep everyone post on how things go but I’m excited that this side project is about to finally get a greenlight!