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Election Night

I worked a long day on Tuesday at the station for election night.

I was overseeing everything in case of problems and running the station’s main social media presence.

My office computer was off limits for the night because it was handling the election results so I brought in my personal computer.  I had my TV on ABC’s coverage to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

My iPad was designated as my official Ball State game watch device.  The Cards were on ESPN playing a rare nationally televised game so I followed the game through ESPN’s streaming app.

Thankfully, the Cardinals were able to take care of business against hated MAC-foe Toledo.

Most newsrooms order pizza for the staff on election night because it’s difficult to get away to eat.  However we mixed it up this year and got a taco bar from Costa Vida.

We didn’t get the last set of results for Utah’s new 4th District until almost midnight so it was nearly 2 am before I was able to leave.

We did some pretty good work and had some pretty decent web traffic.

Only 1460 days until the next one!