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Good Bye Jeannie

I received some very sad news this week.  Former WNDU Intern and PNN alumnus Jeannie Hayes passed away.

Jeannie’s been complaining on Facebook and Twitter about what seemed to be some minor health problems.  Over the course of a few days the seemingly minor problems turned into unbearable pain.

It turns out the Jeannie had acute leukemia and had to have emergency brain surgery.

She was unable to recover and passed away shortly after the diagnosis.

I’ve never been super close with Jeannie.  I worked with her at PNN, we had a few common friends, and she later interned at WNDU and became very close with a number of the staff.

I’ve heard from former WNDU’ers that I haven’t talked to in years and we reminisced about Jeannie since the news got out.

She was the intern that never really stopped interning.  She was always asking to help or to pitch in, even if things were under control.  She just wanted to be a part of the team.  Even years after she got her first job, she still met Tricia or Mo for lunch to get feedback and chat.

She was a very passionate, kindhearted, innocent soul who loved the TV business more than most.

Her station in Rockford took 15 minutes out of their 5pm newscast for a very touching memorial to Jeannie. She clearly made a huge impact on her extended work family.  It’s definitely worth a watch.

I’m going to miss her constant tweets about Oprah, her quirky videos she made with a do-it-yourself green screen, and her late night ramblings on Facebook and Twitter about the most random of things.  I’ll miss giving her a hard time when I saw her about not going to Ball State with the rest of the PNN/WNDU crew.

Rest in Peace Jeannie.