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173 Miles

South Bend to SLC to IndyOne hundred and seventy-three miles.

It might seem like a quick drive but it represents a much longer journey to me.

Four and a half years ago I left WNDU in South Bend to head west for a new challenge and new adventures at KTVX/KUCW in Salt Lake City.

Two weeks from now, I’ll be leaving Utah for a new destination, 173 miles down the street from WNDU.

Yesterday I accepted the position of Digital Media Director for WISH-TV in Indianapolis.

Yes, I maybe the first person in history to make a two-and-a-half hour drive into the slightly longer 2,992 mile side trip I’ve been on for the last few years.

I’ve made some great friends, did some good work, and learned a little more about myself since becoming a Utahn in 2008.

It was a tough decision.  Overall, I liked Utah quite a bit- even with all of it’s quirkiness.

But the draw of working for an excellent station like WISH was just too hard to pass up.  I’m back home, close to family, and I have the chance to do a lot of good with some great people.

Dustin Grove and I will be back, playing on the same team for the first time in almost ten years.  I get a chance to work with Chris Wilson, Phil Nardiello, and Doug Moon again.

When I was at the station last week, I really liked the management staff and felt like I would fit in well.

Plus, begin close to the BSU TCOM crew will be sure to keep life from getting dull.

I’m sure there will be more to write in the coming days as I reflect back on my life in Utah.

Until then.