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For the Kids

Blackjack for the kids

I was invited to an event through work.

My boss is on the board for the Boys and Girls Club of Indianapolis and they had a charity event the department heads were all invited to.

I agreed without knowing much about it.

Then I got an email earlier this week with the details.

  1. It was at the pavilion at Jim Irsay’s compound.
  2. It was a casino night.

If you aren’t familiar with Jim Irsay, he’s the guy who owns the Colts.

He’s sort of a big deal in these parts.

So I had the pleasure of spending a few hours with the WISH management team playing blackjack for the kids.

When the night was over, you turned your chips in for raffle tickets that went into some drawings for various prizes.

I more than tripled my fake money buy in but sadly didn’t win anything in the drawing.

It was a lot of fun and very cool to do something on Irsay’s property. ┬áThe event raised more than $55,000 for The Boys and Girls Club of Indianapolis.

Irsay Pavilion